Sometimes Tomorrow Takes a Little Longer


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This experience of Doug getting a kidney has been wonderful, and I really thought I would be able to simply come back the next day and update. But the kidney transplant process is also very involved, and frankly, I was exhausted and couldn’t really think straight. But that is far from a complaint. It’s a good exhaustion, and I’m so glad we’re here! But I did want to apologize for not updating sooner as I had planned, and to let those who may not know, Carrie Kleckler has been keeping people posted about Doug’s progress on the Mission of Grace Facebook page until I could get back to the blog.

Please know that Doug is doing well, but we are staying in Denver for a few weeks so the doctors can adjust his medications to deal with rejection of the kidney. This is not to imply that Doug is rejecting the kidney. This is routine for transplant patients; however, it’s a little more complicated when someone is diabetic. As of now, we plan to be back home by the end of March and are so thankful to everyone in their help to get us here, help us out while we’re here and certainly for your prayers, and we covet your continued prayers for Doug’s recovery and especially for wisdom in understanding the process of being a transplant patient.

I’ll update more on Doug later, and we also have many more thank yous to make and especially to talk about Mike who donated his kidney to Doug. More on him in the next post as I promised!