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My name is Lisa, and I am Doug’s wife.   At the time of this post, we have been married over 28 years and have four children. Three are grown and one is eleven years old. During the life of this blog, I will talk about all of us and many others as well as about trials and tribulations, success and failure, love and hate, and the in-between that hopefully isn’t too mundane to hold interest.

For years I have tried to get Doug to blog.  He is clever and funny and often makes thought provoking observations.  Given what I know of the blogosphere, he would be a welcomed addition.  Never to be defeated, I come with what I hope will be a fair yet intriguing rendering of Doug and his experiences.  Many of which would be difficult for him to share himself if he did blog.  And yes, I have his blessing to do so.

By this post, I’m asking our children to chime in as they will, and my hope is that others will want to give their accounts as well.

The beginning of the story.

note: the banner photo is of our son, Chis, and a fitting graphic given what I’m about to start sharing.


If you are joining the story in progress, this is the first entry, and a link to the next entry can be found at the end of each story piece. Or you can access all of the pieces on “The Story” page, which is also a tab at the top of the blog.