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I’m still in the process of pulling together the pictures that will be posted, and that process makes it easy to become bogged down. But oh what a joy! Pictures we haven’t seen in years are being ooohhed and aaahhed over. So I’m not sure when I’ll get done with this, but I’m making this little post to answer several of you who have asked for pictures!

Oh, and Doug hasn’t been keen on pictures of him by himself being posted, so he’s requested that for every one of him I upload there will be one of me. Almost needless to say, there won’t be many of him by himself. : D


Doug needs a kidney transplant. He was recently added to the deceased donor list and has a wait of up to five years. But he has been advised a living donor kidney is best. So I come with this blog to make others aware and to encourage him. For more info, please see the “Kidney Donation” page.