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There’s a rhythm that’s established with blogging, and I lost the beat on this one. But I’m confident I can get it back. Here goes.

“Things” have been a little crazy around here, but I mean that in a good way. Frankly, we are usually dealing with hard hit grounders, and I believe that’s one reason the Lord put Doug in the position of pastor. He’s an excellent fielder. And I’m still amazed after so many years that I can still be amazed. I’m also thankful the Lord still allows Doug to do what he does best — communicate. No, I didn’t drink any Kool-aid. : D I really am impressed with what the Lord has done in his life, and I guess I’m saying it here so Doug nor anyone else can ever think otherwise. Not that my opinion should be considered all important, but I know in some respects it’s important to my husband, and if he hasn’t figured it out yet, his opinion is important to me as well.

Since I was last here, we not only experienced the wonderful benefit concert put on by friends and community members, but several people at the Christian Heritage School in Steamboat also put on a benefit. All of you will never know how much your love has touched us. Doug and I have never felt anyone owed us anything and are overwhelmed by the outpouring of care. I can’t say enough how grateful we are, and even the writing of the thank you notes was a treat. I had written some, and then Doug decided he wanted to write all of them. He hand wrote a few and realized he just couldn’t do all, so we came up with a way for him to write individual notes to each person without it being overwhelming. This was wonderful as it gave him a chance to reflect again on how gracious everyone has been to us. A real labor of love for him.

We had a few more things happen in the last few months, but I’ll catch you up on them in coming posts, which I promise will not be so long in coming.

God Bless You All