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It’s been quite a year, and obviously, the Story of Doug is not finished. I wanted to laugh as I typed that line because not only is the story of Doug not finished, but it will get a mulligan. Tomorrow morning at 7:00am, Doug will receive a transplanted kidney. The surgery lasts about four hours, and the goal in the morning is for the kidney to “wake-up.” Doug himself will not be awake until after lunchtime.

As for the donor, his name is Mike, and I’ll be writing much more about him tomorrow. He’s something else. đŸ˜€ And I thought that long before he wanted to give Doug one of his kidneys.

For now, we thank you for all of your prayers and support and ask for continued prayer for both Mike and Doug.

Now I’m going to bed as we have to be at the hospital at 5:00am.

But I will be back tomorrow.