Kidney Donation

[Edit: Doug received a kidney on February 27, 2013, but there are still so many people who are sick and waiting for an organ. The information below about kidney donation is still timely. I hope you will look at it and consideration donation if you are healthy. ]

Doug is holding steady just above dialysis level (aka Chronic Kidney Disease — Stage 4), and we hope it can stay that way until he can get a transplant. We are both learning about kidney donation process, and since we don’t have all the answers or even a healthy fraction of them, we have a contact at University of Colorado Hospital.  Please call the Living Donor Department at the Hospital, and they will be happy to answer your questions and will not assume you are going to donate. They are there to help demystify the process. The contact there is Nesh Nash at 720-848-0855 .

Please note all conversations with the University Hospital are confidential meaning that even Doug is not privy to who may call about the process or who may actually begin the process. In fact, if anyone is interested in donating, he/she must initiate the call. We are not allowed to serve as messenger, and this arrangement is done to protect the donor. We very much respect that and hope anyone who just wants to find out about the process will be put at ease that there is no pressure to do anything more.

There are also places on the web to read:

For answers to questions about donating a kidney, see Living Donor Online

General information about kidney donation from the National Kidney Foundation

God Bless all of you and thank you for your continued prayers.

7 thoughts on “Kidney Donation”

  1. Walt & Ann Trout said:

    We love you Doug, hang in there we will beat this. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT I’ve seen you do it to others. See you sunday.

  2. I just came across the blog. I do hope that everything turns out well.

  3. Thanks, Clare. We’re working on it. So far so good.

  4. Remember what they say when flying: put the mask over your face first and then you can help others. Grab hold of that mask and breathe; so that we can treasure your smiling face a little longer. We are missing you; sending good wishes your way. Bobbi

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