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It is my hope that others want to add to this story, and I have already had a wonderful response. If you are also interested in sharing an experience involving Doug (funny, poignant, or whatever), click here. Do not worry about length or format or spelling and grammar. I will deal with that or give any guidance you request. Just know that almost nothing is too short, and a long piece can be broken into more than one posting if necessary.

Just write your thoughts. We would love to hear them!

5 thoughts on “Submit a Post”

  1. Jayme Amyett Durant said:

    I’m so sorry to hear of Doug’s health struggles. I knew Doug over 30 years ago and he was a kind, gentle person then, just as you, Lisa, describe him today. What an encouragement for those of us who hear your words and know that someone has consistently lived his faith in the hidden halls of his home – you and your kids are a testimony to the authenticity of your husband’s faith. I pray God will allow the perfect donor to come forward so you all can share many more years together!

    • Jayme, What a wonderful thing to know about your brother! And I did get your pm. I feel like I know you from everything Doug has said about his friends, and now I’m so glad to meet you even if it’s like this. Thank you for the prayers. We will take all we can get! : D

  2. Bruce Johansing said:

    Dear Doug,
    I was only recently diagnose with Stage 4 poly-systic kidney disease and now just getting on the transplant list. I only have one kidney to begin with.

    I have changed my diet completely and hovering above 10%kidney function level and have had a fistula placed in my arm. It is still not mature enough for use. My energy and strength levels are still strong but I am on a similar as yours.

    My prayers and thoughts will be with you and I know we will get through this rough patch. We both have great families to support us. Be strong, be hopeful!

    The best to you!

    Bruce Johansing

    • Bruce, I will pass this to Doug and thank you so much. Our prayers and thoughts are with you as well, and I hope the diet is helping! I know how daunting the diet can be.

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